Scout the Sloth is cute, cuddly, and full of adventure! Hidden in each Scout book contains an adventure map that brings the journey to life through the book series. Follow his footprints on the unique and fun adventure that we call Scout the Sloth Book Series! Welcome to the sloth life!

Welcome to
Our Adventure!

Newest Releases!

Scout Exploring the Zoo involves a trip to see wild animals, learn fun facts, and visit the gift store. Grab

your binoculars and get ready to roam the zoo.

Scout and his friends are going to the construction

site today. Will they see excavators, cranes, and bulldozers? They might! They put on boots, vests, and a yellow hard hat. They watch the excavator dig in the dirt and rocks. It reminds Scout of his legos and blocks.


 "These books are not only affordable but also unique. You get to follow Scout's journey at your own pace through the adventure map. Every stop is exciting to read." 


"Scout the sloth series makes your voice dance from the rhyming and your eyes gazing through detailed pictures."

"Scout gives children a fun and educational look of the world."

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